Main(s): Ibuki, Laura, Juri
Character Knowledge: Ryu, Ken, Nash, Zangief, Guile, Kolin, Akuma, Chun

Region: EU
Rank: Gold
Playstyle: Aggressive, Yomi, Mix-up
Time Played: ~400h in a year

SF History: Started playing fg with sfv,  placed in final in several beginner tournaments. Organizing several offline and online tournament (capcom EU online event).

Coaching Style: 1-on-1 sessions, Discord, Replay Review
Availability: Wednesday to Friday Evenings and Weekend Afternoons

Twitter: @rXpSwiss
Stream: twitch.tv/rXpCH
Youtube: rXp’s Youtube
Reddit: /u/rxpch

I would be glad to take care of any new player to the fighting games because the beginning is the hardest part.

Complete Juri Guide (WIP)