CFN: Fireproofflame
Main(s): Zangief, (sub Mika/Birdie)
Character Knowledge: All (working on Kolin, I have a pocket of everyone to a decent standard)

Region: EU
Rank: Ultra Platinum
Playstyle: Grappler Specialist, Conditioning, Hard reads, Punishing opponents mistakes in neutral
Time Played: Since 2013

SF History: I usually achieve top 3 at Dublin’s weekly local Capital Carnage, many high ranks in attendance from all over the country. Two year undefeated champion at MCM Ireland

Coaching Style: I tend to run sets with anyone looking for coaching in a lobby or analyse a replay and point out where they could improve, focusing on punishes, conditioning and mind games
Availability: Monday to Friday 7PM-11PM GMT Saturday/Sunday (all times)

Twitter: @Fireproofflame
Youtube: Fireproofflame’s Youtube
Reddit: /u/Fireproofflame