CFN: Encore41
Main(s): Bison, Balrog
Character Knowledge: Ryu, Ken, Guile, Alex, Zangief

Region: NA – Central
Rank: Platinum
Time Played: Enough to not bring up in proper conversation

SF History: 16er. Finished top 8 at a monthly in Chicago recently.

Coaching Style: Typically lobbies, but I’m not opposed to doing 1-on-1 sessions.
Availability: Weekday morning/early afternoon

Twitter: @STL_Encore
Stream: twitch.tv/encore41
Youtube: Encore’s Youtube
Reddit: /u/encore41

My goal as an NCH coach is to help those willing to put the work in to reach proficiency in SFV to which they can “leave the nest”, with the ability to see holes in their gameplan and have the knowledge to become better players through self-improvement.