CFN: Drayden
Main(s): Kolin, Cammy, Urien
Character Knowledge: Chun-li, Laura, Ibuki, Juri

Region: NA – East Coast
Rank: Gold
Time Played: SF5 time: Since release/ General Fighting games: 8 years

SF History: karastorm krackfest: 3rd place , Various the break weekly tournaments

Coaching Style: Lobbies and 1-on-1 Sessions
Availability: Wednesdays 6pm-9pm (Fundamental nights), Thursdays 7pm-9pm One on One sessions

Twitter: @kaidraiden
Stream: twitch.tv/Draydenflame

I am working on gathering information on the locations of local tournaments so new players will have a directory to look at if he or she wants to start entering events.