Main(s): Chun Li

Region: West Coast, North America
Rank: Platinum
Playstyle: Aggressive
Time Played: ~200hrs

SF History: Participated in a bunch of national tourneys back in the 90’s. Got top 16 at Midwest Championships in Chicago, top 16 in Boston and top 8 at ECC in Jersey. Also got out of pools at the first appearance of HDR at Evo, don’t know what place that got me though.

Been playing SF since SF1 and maining Chun Li since WW. Close to 30 years of playing Street Fighter and he still has the same passion for it now as he did back when he put his first quarter in the arcade cab.

Coaching Style: chat, video replay feedback, lobbies, 1 on 1 sets, spectating coaching
Availability: weekday nights and weekends. Runs Coaching Night the first and last monday of the month

Youtube: Chun’s Youtube
Reddit: /u/chunbelievable